Hello, all!

Well, plans for a trip into WV have been scrubbed due to scheduling changes at my job (grumble). We have instead elected to travel to the Northwestern/North central portion of PA (along the NY border) to explore for a week. I know there are a lot of state parks in the area, and the hiking and biking looks to be in good quantity. I have been through some of the area in the past, but never with enough time to poke around.

This area seems rich in history with regards to the early oil industry and, by extension, railroads.

Anybody have any favorites they'd like to share? We're into hiking, biking, historic towns, and of course, scenic drives.

How about places that you haven't been to that you'd like to know more about - I'm always willing to investigate an area based on the simple premise "It sounds interesting!"

We're probably not going to go up to the Lake Erie region this trip, though anything is possible. With any luck, a couple of friends from OH will be joining us for the first weekend of our trip.