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    Default CT---CA and lots of fun in between

    My friend Tom and I are planning a trip from CT to CA. We have summers off from our job, we are snowboard buyers. So we are planning on taking a road trip out to California and maybe end up living out there for awhile or for good. We have no real set times to be anywhere. Our rough plan is to go to NJ and see a friend then down to ocean city Maryland, then maybe a few of The Killers concerts in OH or KY, then down to MO to see some family, next to New Orleans, then who knows. As you can see we are going to be all over the place.
    We are looking more for the party places, fun bars and party campgrounds. So if any of you guys know any of those types of places let me know. We are going to be living out of my truck and mainly camping areas. Wondering if any of you know the ones that are more on the younger age groups and more fun. Don’t want to end up at all “family style” campgrounds.

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    Kate_D Guest

    Default I'm headed the other way!

    Perhaps we'll pass your car heading the other direction!

    When I was single and child-less, I used to love to stay (and occasionally work/live) at youth hostels. Even in the worst hostels, they have the advantage of plenty of easy opportunities to meet other people on their own adventures. It was always so easy to hook up with someone else who wanted to go out somewhere.

    It's too easy to stay in a motel 6 and end up watching HBO while lounging on the bed with a pizza and beer and never getting out and seeing anything. It's also pretty easy to hang out in a tent or around a campfire and not really get a chance to meet other people. In youth hostels, you're forced to interact! Plus, it's great to get advice from other travellers about places they've been to.


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