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    steadyeddie Guest

    Default roadtrip California to New York

    Hi all, i am an Irish student travelling to California for the summer. I fly out of new york, and have a flight from san diego to new york. But i thought, why fly it, when i can drive it! Basically i intend on leaving California around 21-22 august, having already seen san fran, vegas etc. I would like to be in new york for the 5-6th september. Basically what i want to know, can anybody reccomend the best route to take, (one where myself and a friend can see the sights but make steady progress to be in new york on time). Also if we have already bought a car in california, how easy would it be to sell a car quickly in new york? thanks for your help!


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    danny g Guest


    use avis airport to airport drop off. Thast what I am doing. $400 for a ny to cali trip.

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    steadyeddie Guest


    how are you getting it so cheap? How long is it taking you to drive it?

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    danny g Guest


    Well. I have a bet going that my friend and I cant make it there in less than 48 hours. So we only rented the car for 3 days. Thats the catch. But... a few more days will still be cheaper and safer than buying a crappy used car, registering it, inspecting it, getting plates and insuring it. It will probably be even harder since you are not a citizen. I think renting is your only route.

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