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Thread: nyc to la?

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    Default nyc to la?

    hi, im from ireland, just wondering how much time should i give to drive from nyc to la while seeing the sights along the way....oh and recommend me any sights along the way i should see too if you wish, not sure where to go and see, but want to include vegas, san fran and san diego before reaching LA. at the moment i've allocated 3 weeks which is not flexible as im flying out of la 3 weeks after arriving in nyc
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  2. Default Minimum time, or is 3 weeks enough?

    I think you can easily drive this route in 5 days -- so if you have 3 weeks, you'll be able to mosey along at will!

    A couple of possibilities -- you could work your way south down the coast, see the Outer Banks beaches of North Carolina, then follow I-40 west and see the Great Smokey Mountains, and on west to some of the attractions in Arizona and New Mexico.

    OR, take a more northerly path across Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and on west with visits to the Rocky Mountains and the red rock country of Utah and northern Arizona. In Indiana, Brown County State Park and the area around Nashville (Indiana) are particularly nice.

    Either way is good -- but be careful about racing through the east to get out west where "all" the scenery is -- there are THOUSANDS of interesting places in the eastern states -- scenery, history, culture, etc -- and I'd plan to spend some time roaming around looking for some of them!

    You didn't say when your trip was -- but if it happens to span the 4th of July weekend, try to spend that day and night in a small town somewhere -- there's nothing quite as illustrative of America as a small-town 4th of July celebration! Bob

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    hi, so this trip is now fast approaching i've been keeping an eye here for ideas but im still pretty unsure of what route to go etc & we need to do this as cheaply as possible (were students!) were thinking of making our way across to san francisco and then down the coast to la via vegas. this leg will hold no suprises as ive driven san fran/la before, so suggestions nyc to san fran route ?

    (taking this trip in november so is weather likely to be a problem anywhere? snow etc?)

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