Hi, i'm a new member of the forum, and was planning to drive from my home, (boston, mass) to Holland, Michigan this summer. I have gone with my parents all my life, and finally,now that i have my license, i plan to do it myself.
The trip is about 900 miles and my family usually breaks it down between two days. The first day is spent driving to buffalo, and stopping before we cross into canada. Now, i would like to drive straight through, but i will be by myself and im not sure if i could make it. Also, I am 17 and i'm unsure of the laws for a 17 year old crossing the boarder. Does anyone know the laws for this? A passport will definateley be required, but other than that.. what could i need? My parents will be aware of it, and maybe i will need a letter or something? I dont know, i would appreciate any feedback/ information.

Thanks alot