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    Default Around the states in 20 days???

    I am a New Zealander living in the UK about to move back to NZ.

    On the way I want to have a stoppver in the US.

    How feasible would it be to Get from LA - Jacksonville FL - Key West - Jacksonville FL - DC - NYC - Boston - Niagra Falls - Chicago - down old Rt.66 to Flagstaff, up around Grand Canyon - Monument Valley - Moab - Zion - Vegas - San Francisco - Big Sur and back to LA in 20 days.

    Seeing some sights and meeting the locals on the way.

    I'd be travelling with my wife and our 3 year old daughter.

    Any suggestions on what to see, routes to take, and ways of entertaining my daughter would be greatly welcomed.


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    Default Not very

    I assume you mean DRIVE these places? Or are you going to take some one-way flights across America as well as use a car rental?

    With a 3-yr-old.... to give you an idea of minimum driving times only:

    LA to Jacksonville - 2425 miles - 38 hours - almost 5 eight-hour driving days
    Jacksonville to Key West - 510 miles - 9 hours - another long day driving
    Key West to Washington DC - 1230 miles - 21 hours - 2 or 3 days driving
    Washington to New York City - 225 miles - 4 hours - another day
    NYC to Boston - 220 miles - 4 hours - another day
    Boston to Niagara Falls - 470 miles - 7 hours - another day
    Niagara Falls to Chicago - 540 miles - 9 hours - another day
    Chicago to Grand Canyon (Moab enroute) - 1760 miles - 27 hours - 3+ days driving (using Interstate highways NOT Route 66)
    Grand Canyon to Big Sur - 855 miles - 14 hours - another day or two driving

    Perhaps concentrate on either east OR west. If flying into LA - you could go to Moab / Zion National Park / Bryce Canyon National Park / Grand Canyon / Monument Valley / Hoover Dam / Big Sur / Yosemite National Park California. Even that will be A LOT for travelling with a 3-yr-old.

    If flying into New York (or somewhere east), then just do the New York City, Boston, Washington DC area.

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    Default A real speed run

    Jacksonville to Key West - 510 miles - 9 hours
    Hey, I will buy a tank of fuel for anyone who can drive from Jacksonville to Key West in nine hours! It is not possible to average much more than 45 mph once you leave the mainland.

    Anyway, Syv's suggestions are well-taken. This is a HUGE country you are attempting to speed-drive!


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    Yeah I thought it might be a bit ambitious.

    I have decided to take Syv's suggestion and I have planned a west USA holiday instead.

    Thanks for your input, you have saved me a lot of hassle.

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