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    Default Vermont To Texas

    Well, its not detroit to houston, but i was wondering if anyone could provide me with some information on traveling in between vermont and texas, my friend and I are coming home from college, and want to make it a memerable trip, and would like to stop and see everything we can. but so far all we have is graceland, and maybe paris tennessee. so if you have any ideas on great lil spots to stop, or just beautiful drives, as long as they head west or south, and are on the eastern side of the country, pls. lemme know. my e-mail is and again if you live or have travled thru the area before, and have any idea i would deeply appreaciate it thank you again.

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    BoredTXGirl Guest

    Default Under the heading of 'beautiful sights' along your route...

    I would suggest the Skyline Drive through (well, technically, along the top of) the Blue Ridge Mountains. To the north, it begins at Front Royal, Virginia, and runs parallel to the I-64/I-81 corridor to the south just across the North Carolina border. This drive offers some of the most gorgeous views of the region, overlooking the Shenandoah valley. There are several falls in the area, where water cascades over crags in the Blue Ridge mountains, several of which are short (mile-or-so) hikes from the highway.

    You don't have to drive the whole thing, either - there are several points along its length that allow for on-or-off access. I know it frustrates some folks to travel along it the entire length, because the speed limit up in the clouds is 35.

    I actually miss this one, I used to drive it frequently when I lived in DC and would drive home to Texas...
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    Default Thank You

    BEAUTIFUL, thank you for the advice, i will check that out. beautiful view, thank you very very much. have a wonderful time down there in texas, and i hope your enjoying the weather down there. have a good one, and take care, and thank you again

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