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    My two best friends, my brother, and I are planning to leave Columbus, Ohio on June 11th for Seattle, WA, then down the pacific coast highway to L.A., then through arizona, new mexico, Texas, Louisiana, mississippi, alabama, georgia, and up through Nashville and home. Because of work, we can only do this in 14 days. We are thinking about renting, or borrowing a van or large SUV of some sort, as the largest of our personal cars is a 1998 Honda Accord EX. We will be using the Interstates mainly as well. We want to see as many cool sites as we can, and enjoy the majesty that is America. This is our first road trip. Earlier in the year, my brother and I drove from Columbus to Dallas for a job interview so I have some road experience. I would love to hear some tips, pointers, what to see, what to avoid, and any help in planning would be appreciated. Any thoughts?


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    Mike: Hi -- I live "just down the road" from you in Fairborn, Ohio. You, your brother, and friends are in for a great trip!

    If you are looking to see "the majesty that is America" I recommend a more northernly route out to Seattle. I've done that and I enjoyed seeing the American Badlands and seeing the vast differences in Washington State geography (desert in the middle and lush rain forest in the West). I think you've also chosen wisely by going down the Pacific Coast Highway. Big Sur is one of the most beautiful places I've seen on earth. And, I think everyone in America should visit LA at least once because, well, its LA and there is no other place like it. You'll enjoy your trek through the Great American West (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas).

    Have a safe trip --it will be a great experience. Enjoy!

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