Hey, me and my bf will go on our first road trip together later this summer (july or august). We won't be going very long - probably a week round trip at most.

I've gone on road trips with my family before, but I never planned a whole road trip by myself before.

We will most likely go camping and eat mostly from stuff we carry, how much do you think we should budget for the trip?

Firstly, any suggestions where we should go? I'd like to drive no more than two days to get there. I'm not sure which direction I would like to go to. Maybe south to south padre, maybe east to new orleans and florida, I'm not sure what else that's not TOO far from Austin. Suggestions, tips, anything?

Also, what kinds of food should we bring? What else should we bring? How much should we expect to spend per day?

Also, I will probably bring a digital camera and my laptop to upload the pictures onto. Is there any sites out there that list the free wireless wifi hotspots in the cities we will pass or stay in?

Also, where on the trip would there be electric plugs for us to charge our cells and my laptop?

Any other tips would be great too?