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    emmybear Guest

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    This august I am planning on taking a road trip with my two best friends from san diego to seattle and back. We know we are going to stop in Big Sur, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Eureka, Medford and Aloha on the way. Does anyone have any more spots that would be worth going to or any tips for hotels or things to do along the way? We are big time penny pinchers (college students) so this trip is going to be on a hamburger budget, anything you have to say would be really appreciated.

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    A post by Editor Mark from a few months back might be helpful to you...

    The best guide we have ever seen for really unique and fun restaurants is the one by <A href="">Lonely Planet.

    One of my favorite inns in the world is in Mendocino -- the <A href="">Stanford Inn on the Big River. I don't suppose that Rockaway, Oregon is far enough for your first stop, but a recent post on the forum described the The Beach Stay."
    Also, my advice is take your time and look around as you go. Spend some time wandering a few of the little communities along the route. Some of my favorite things along the west coast are Fort Ross (CA), Depot Bay (OR) and the northern Oregon coast state parks.

    If you want to splurge on ONE meal along the way, try Las Brisas del Mar at Bodega Bay, CA, or take a look at the links contained in Mark's post attached about the Stanford Inn and its restaurant, The Ravens. Another recent favorite of mine is Scoma's, at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

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    I live on the Monterey Peninsula and would absolutely recommend a visit here. The local youth hostel is supposedly good and is within walking distance of Cannery Row.

    The Monterey Aquarium is great; make friends with a local and borrow their guest pass because it's really pricey. You could even hang out near the member entrance and if you're tactful and subtle, you might be able to be invited in. Avoid weekends though, it's packed.

    Hwy 1 around Big Sur is fantastic. There are plenty of places to stop and take amazing photos. If you're looking for off-the-beaten-path trips, you can go inland from Hwy 1 on Nacimiento road will take you to Mission San Antonio de Padua. Or Arroyo Seco outside of Greenfield is also interesting and usually missed. I think you can reach it from Carmel Valley Rd.

    Santa Cruz is a very lovable college-student town. You'll have a fantastic time! Eureka is also a college town, and very pretty.

    If you like to camp, try the state parks around the redwoods. They're all really nice.

    Medford has expensive motels and hotels for some weird reason (it's a pretty blah town in my opinion). Ashland is more interesting and has a nice youth hostel (or it was nice 10 years ago when I was there) and you can visit the Shakespeare festival if it's still on in August. Eugene and Portland are also very cool towns to visit.

    Oh - don't assume the weather will be nice on the Monterey Peninsula. The summer temperature here is usually around 60.


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    emmybear Guest


    thanks so much for the advice, yea I wouldn't pick Medford as a place to stay but my great aunt lives there so it's free and she will be happy to see us. We have been able to find alot of family friends along our way that are willing to let us spend the night with them so it's more a matter of where to take pictures on the way and fun touristy things.

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    I used to live in San Diego and now i live in Portland. I recomend that you check out the night life in downtown Portland. They have some of the most interesting people and bars around. If you decide to stop un Portland check out the Hawthorne District and NW 23rd street. All over Downtown they have clubs, bars and great dining!

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