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    Default SAfety Ideas for Road Trip to Grand Canyon

    My friends and I have talked about going to the GRand Canyon for our Senior Trip ever since ninth grade, but most of us never thought we would actually go. We are graduating in less than a month and once again we have begun talking about the Grand Canyon trip.

    There are only three or maybe four of us who are seriously considering going, but we need parental permission and financial assistance. My mom most likely will allow me to go but my dad is concrened that 3 or 4 18 year old girls will be a target if we are out on the road by ourselves.

    If anyone has any suggestion on a way either to persuade him that it will be fine, or an actual way to make it seem safer, please reply. I am so excited about this trip!!!

    We are planning to camp in Grand Canyon National Park when we arrive, but it will probably take us three days to drive there. We are under no time constraint, but we have a tight budget. Please Help!!!
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