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    Default Need ideas for trip from Kansas City to Seattle

    Hi! Me and my girlfriend is planning a trip from Kansas City to Seattle this summer. It will be about a month long from mid May to mid June. I'm from Norway and she's from kansas, but none of us have any real knowledge about the territory that lies ahead.

    We'd be very grateful if some of you experienced travellers here could recommend to us where to go and what to see. I know that's probably very hard, but for starters does anyone know of a good route to choose? We think we want to see at least Colorado and California on the way, but if there is other routes that would be plain foolish not to take, please say so. Our major interest would be to go hiking in national parks and other nature experiences but also to visit unique towns and communities.

    Thanks a million for any help and suggestions!

  2. Default Many Choices

    You can hardly choose a bad route, going in the direction you want to go. Since you mention Colorado and California, here are a few suggestions -- others can add their thoughts and then you'll need to get a map and see what else lies along the way you might be interested in.

    In Colorado, see Rocky Mountain National Park and Mesa Verde, at least. Getting from RMNP to Mesa Verde will provide a tour of most of the beauty of Colorado, no matter how you route it.

    From there, go on to Utah and see the set of National Parks and Monuments in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Spend a night or two in Las Vegas and soak up a bit of that excitement. Personally, I love the fountains at The Bellagio (hotel), so you might spend some time watching and listening to those.

    Go on to California and spend a few days at Yosemite National Park, then drive the coast highway from San Luis Obispo to as far north as you wish. Along the way, see some of the Redwood groves, visit some Sonoma or Mendocino County Wineries, & see Crater Lake National Park in Oregon (if it is open, it may still be snow-bound).

    Spend a day or two holed up in a beach house and sticking your toes in the surf at Manzanita, OR or Cannon Beach. Go over to see the constantly changing Mount Saint Helens, then head on up to Seattle. You could also visit Mt Rainier along the way. My guess is you could do all of this in a month, or close to it -- and this is just ONE set of possibilities out of hundreds.

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    Default I agree

    Moderator Bob has given you a GREAT idea. All of his ideas / route sound great for about a month long trip. Look up the national parks on their website to search geographically and plan your route.

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    Thanks alot guys, those suggestions are very inspiring and we definatley got something to research and build on now. Thanx again, and you other guys feel free to throw in your suggestions aswell.

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    i would definitely agree you visit the mentioned national parks in colorado, utah-arizona and california as well as crater lake which should be open by that time. however having lived my whole life in oregon i dont find the beaches here too spectacular and would suggest that instead you take the more scenic backraods north through the cascades which will lead you to salem or portland from where you can easily head north to seattle. just my opinion.

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