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    Default 14 days drive from Chicago to San Diego!


    A friend and I are going to drive from Chicago to San Diego in June. We have approximately 15 days for the trip and we still haven't found out which route to choose. We would very much like to see the Red Rock Country, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas so these places have a high priority. We know we don't have that much time available so we would appreciate if any of you can advice us to find the most "attractive" route. What about Route66 is that a good road to travel on?

    Hope to hear from you
    Thomas S

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    Is that 14days both ways or just one?

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    Default Just one ...


    It's 14 days from Chicago to San Diego. From San Diego I'm flying back to Denmark! So, we have to drive approx. 4500 k's in 14 days!

    Thomas S

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    Your going to have a blast. 2wks is plenty of time for a taste on that route. You should only have to drive 3-4hrs a day.

    You'll see the Midwest and Lake Michigan (+Chicago), the Plains as you cross over to Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, arid SouthWest, and Pacific Maritime Climate.

    My favorites on that route were...

    1. Great Sand Dunes NP, CO
    2. Mesa Verde NP, CO
    3. Las Vegas, NV
    4. Death Valley, CA

    Checking out Rock Mountains NP, CO would be nice too. Its going to be fairly desert-like from southern Colorado all the way to San Diego with the occassional mountain range.


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