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    alanspac Guest

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    My husband and I are going to be driving from NC to AK this summer starting in August. We have about 12 days to make the drive. We want to take the fastest way while trying to avoid roads that are going to be damaged from the winter and possibly not repaired yet. We have looked at roots from NC to MT and then up to AK9~5,200 mi). And also NC to ND and up across Canada (~4,500 mi). I was just wondeirng if anyone could help us with a good route or some expierence in driving across Canada...we intend to use the provincial hwy to Alaska Hwy. We are going to Anchorage. If use the MT one we go straight to Alaska Hwy. Any help would be great, especially on the condition of roads. I have a Ford escort that we will be driving up there...its in good condition but I need to know if I need to add a guard to it...or anything special like that.
    Appreciate any help. THANKS

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    Hey there, I am planning an exact opposite trip than you. I am leaving Seward, AK late July and driving to Durham for school. Planning on about 14 days though, since it can be done in ten (I've heard), but that is an insane amount of driving. My plan is go through whitehorse, edmonton and clagary down to great falls, mt. From there going through the black hills, sd and then dropping into nebraska to see some friends. From there, on to graceland, hey everyone has their own skeletons in their closet, mine is The King! Since I am going it alone, I need to take the extra time and sleep along the way. Mostly camping, but at least an occasional night at a motel when I have the need for clean sheets, etc.
    My advice is take your time, it is a LONG trip and it is easy to get overly fatigued.
    I would also invest in the "Milepost" it is a great resource for the canadian, ak portion of the trip.
    If you are staying in anchorage over the winter, you might need to get a block heater or keep the car in a garage overnight.
    If I can think of anymore, i'll drop back in and write them. Good luck and safe trip. Wave when you pass by!

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