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    Steve Berger Guest

    Default Chicago to Memphis - Offbeat Suggestions?

    Folks - heading to find Elvis. Graceland. The Blues. Lots of BBQ. Fun and sun! July 4th weekend (driving from Chicago to Memphis, Friday to Tuesday).

    I have all of the usual places to visit in Memphis so I was looking for suggestions on "offbeat" side trips along the way - or down there. Largest ball of wax paper, world's largest pez collection - that kind of stuff. Maybe even some serious things...who knows.

    I love this site and the suggestions are always entertaining.

    Thanks for helping us plan a fun time...

    Take care


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    We plan on visiting the Civil Rights Museum. I'm looking forward to it! Check my thread (click here) for a few suggestions that others have made and let me know if you have any to add!

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