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    Default Huge Summer Trip

    Californians will be out on the road for over 2 months. Looking for interesting adventures in/in between a few places... We are not looking for anything in particular, just something we wouldn't see in Los Angeles. Last year we spent 2 months on the road and went to some cool places. Lake Travis -Austin, Texas, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone NP, NYC, and Washington DC to name a few. This year we are looking for stuff only the locals would know about. Certain spots in our trip we have open. Wichita/Oklahoma/Dallas. Anything worth seeing along this route? Also we will be driving between Pittsburgh and Atlanta, Georgia. Anything in the Smoky Mountains that would surprise us? Another spot is Central Illinois. We will be on I-55 southbound. Already done the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Is this the only thing to see there? Last but not least -Canada. Will be driving between Vancouver & Calgary. How much is there too see at Banff NP? Any other points of interest 3 21yr olds would find amusing??

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    I'm not going to be any help to you kids on your trip, but me and my friend (who are both 21) are doing the same thing you did last time, we're spending 5 weeks on the road...if there's any hints you can give us, that would be super!


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    Default Cent. Ill

    When you're heading through Central Ill, you might try stopping in Champaign. Its home to the U of I, and I'm sure you can find some fun things that are geared toward a group of 21 year olds. You could also swing over to Springfield and check out the plethora of Abe Lincoln related sites.

    I haven't been through the smokey mtns, but I've heard nothing but good things about them. They'd certainly be worth checking out.

    My best advice, if you really want to find out about the things only locals know about, Stop and gas stations and cafes and start asking the locals!

  4. Default Always something worth seeing!

    I always laugh when someone asks "is there anything worth seeing" (no offense intended). It's all in your perspective, I guess.

    There is a lot of information available to you for planning a trip to little known places -- with a lot of it right here at RTA. Check out the books section, and the RoadTrip Planning section. Chris Epting's books would be of particular value to you for what you are seeking.

    From your first post, it is a little difficult for me to visualize what your route is going to be -- the places you mention don't leap out at me as being connected -- if you'll give us (or maybe just ME) a bit more information on how you plan to get around, route-wise, perhaps I (and maybe some others as well) can offer some additional suggestions. Bob

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    Default yo

    ya basically i want to know what areas of the Smoky Mts are best and same with Banff NP. i'm looking for a campground on a lake or a river or to hang out at between oklahoma city & dallas. the trip is nuts. close to 25,000 miles in 12 weeks. Last year we drove 22,000 so looking forward to those extra 3,000 miles. Amanda where are you going and i'll tell you what I did there.

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    Default banff / smokeys

    Drive the entire length of the BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY. All very beautiful.

    Yoho / Banff / Jasper National Parks - all connected, all magnificent. You could spend a week in this area. Be sure to take the Snocoach ride onto the Athabaska Glacier (Columbia Icefield, Jasper). Take some of the hikes up to the various mountain lakes (I loved Peto Lake in Banff). The colours are amazing!

    The Okanagan Valley area is beautiful between Vancouver and the above national parks. Kelowna & Salmon Arm are nice little logging towns to visit.

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