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    Default Honeymoon roadtrip KY to Denver

    Hey, I've been digging around here for a while trying to get some good tips on sights to see, but I can't seem to find anyone who's taken this same path to get some info from. So, I figured... why not ask?

    I haven't even really decided on a route as of yet, but the idea is to get from KY to Denver, and get back all within 10 days or so, and try to make the entire trip fun instead of just driving straight through both ways.

    We've never been to CO before, and we're both looking at colleges in Denver because of their degree programs, so we figured that it would be a good idea to check the place out before just showing up for classes next year. We've talked about taking a road trip, and with the wedding comming up, we figured.. what the heck. 3 birds with one stone, honey moon, road trip, and city scouting all wrapped up into one!

    So now what? I've been looking for events and noticed there was a Shakespear festival going on in Boulder while we'd be in the area, so that's definately on the list... but what else is there to do, especially on the way?

    We're getting married August 6th, and we're heading right out from there (well, after getting out of that horrid tux).

    I've planned on hitting some of the Jazz clubs in the downtown area in Denver since I've heard they're incredible, and all in all I think there will be no lack of cultural exploration while we're there, but I don't want to spend all of our time in the city. Getting there is half the fun, as they say... so I'm interested in any ideas you guys have to make this the ultimate road trip for us.

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    Default Honeymoon Roadtrip


    First: Congratulations!

    Second, I'd suggest that you take at least three days each way. It can be done in two, but not if you want to party along the way and enjoy the route as well as each other. You'll still have four days in the Denver area which should be plenty for your purposes.

    My biggest suggestion to you is that you skip the roadside motels altogether. If you tell them that you're newlyweds, you're as likely to get a 'knowing sneer' as any other reaction. Instead, look into some Bed and Breakfasts along the way. Figure out about where you'd like to stop each night and then just google: "town_name bed breakfast". Look for a place with good decor and a peaceful setting. They will cost somewhat more than a motel, but IT'S YOUR HONEYMOON. If you're not going to be romantic now, when were you planning on starting?

    A few more specific options:

    Kansas City: I don't know about jazz clubs, per se, but check out The Plaza and the City Market region for brew pubs with live music.

    Lawrence, KS: try the Free State Brewery (4 mi S of I-70) for great beer, good food (including good veggy options) and occasional live music.

    Boulder, CO: Definitely walk Pearl Street. This is a pedestrian mall in downtown with good shops, restaurants, and street performers. Also get up into the Rockies which start literally at the western city limits.

    And most of all, enjoy.


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