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    My daughter is planning a move from Boston to LA this September. She wants to drive there rather than fly and ship her belongings and car. I am concerned that this is a rather long road trip alone. She drives to Ontario regularly and it takes a 7 hour drive day. She thinks she can do this by driving 10-12 hours daily and I feel that is to much. Has anyone done this trip and what do you think is a reasonably daily drive time if going it alone?
    Any advice I could use would be appreciated.


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    Are we talking about a 16 year old or a 25 year old? Is she a person who has a record of good judgement? Not a space cadet, but a person who is reasonably aware and level-headed?

    I have always driven 10 to 12 hour days (sometimes longer) with no difficulties, since I was 16 or 17 (I'm not a youngster anymore). The average person will find that one or two long days like that behind the wheel will take a toll -- the third and fourth days you tend to drive fewer miles and fool around more (waste time) because you are fatigued. After a day of rest (or maybe two), or a day or two where you take it easier at least (fewer miles and shorter hours), then you are ready to do a couple more 10-12 hour days, no problem. That's MY experience, others' experiences may vary!

    As long as you are alert and feeling frisky, there is no reason why 10-12 hour days should be a problem -- but what happens sometimes is that when drivers DO get tired, they keep going instead of stopping to rest. Sometimes testosterone or "get-there-itis" gets in the way of good judgement. It can be a killer.

    My advice to your daughter is don't get locked into a "pressurized" schedule -- that's a trap and dangerous. She should drive while she's comfortable and alert, and when she starts to fade, stop and rest. Eat light, and make sure to get a good night's sleep on as regular a schedule as possible. Stay alert and aware, both for personal safety and surroundings.

    Many people, myself included, take long solo road trips every day. Many of us find these trips are among the best experiences in life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CelesteJ
    My daughter (age 24) is planning on moving out to LA in September and she wants to drive alone. She thinks she can do 12 hours a day but I am sure that is too much for such a long trip. Has anyone ever done this before and how long did it take and by what route? Would it be better to ship the car and fly? Advice from anyone is greatly appreciated.


    People on this forum are not at all shy about pointing out when someone has bitten off more than they can chew. For example:
    I include myself among the 'party poopers':

    The fact is, though, that the journey your daughter is proposing is well within the experience of most road-trippers. She has, I think, demonstrated her ability to handle long hours behind the wheel with her repeated commutes back and forth to Ontario.

    Moderator Bob has offered a number of good, common-sense suggestions, the most important of which is that she keep to a pace that she is comfortable with (her call) and not push it. Not only is this safer, but she'll enjoy the trip more. With her car weighed down with all her possessions (pulling a trailer?) she should not plan on sight seeing, but should keep to the Interstates. The one additional suggestion that I would make is that she have a set route, inform someone of it, keep to it, and check in every so often. But there really is no reason why she shouldn't make the trip.

    I've got around a million road miles under my belt and wouldn't hesitate to make this trip. I've also got a 27 year old daughter who can drive rings around me with one son tied to each leg.


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