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    Default Vancouver down the Oregon Coast

    I am going on a rather large road trip coming up, and just wanted to know if anyone has any pointers. I am travelling from Vancouver BC-Oregon Dunes-San Fran-San Diego-Grand Canyon-Vegas, then back through LA and homeward bound. I have a rough idea on how long I want to take, but does anyone know the times or km/m that it is between these places? I'm trying to find this out. We want to drive down along the coast as much as possible. Any pointers or comments are hugely appreciated.
    Thanks :-D

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    sweet youre hitting the same trip as me.. im leaving in a week or so. ill try and post the notable things when i get back!

    we're bringing a laptop and a cell for surfing so we can do a little map work and looking up stuff on the way. should be neat

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    Default mileage

    To check your mileage, there are many free online route planners. Often you have to enter each point step by step, which is time consuming, but works.

    If you search the green buttons at the top of this forum page, you can click your way through to or

    I flew to Calgary from Toronto Ontario. Then drove to Banff/Jasper, Kelowna/Salmon Arm, to Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Crater Lake Oregon, along the Oregon coast to Redwood NP California, to San Francisco, to Sequoia & Yosemite, then came back up across Reno to Salt Lake City, & up to Glacier NP Montana, Medicine Hat, and back to Calgary.

    You have a great idea for starters on your route. Do you have a couple weeks for this trip?

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