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    Default Planning a trip NJ-MA

    Hey all! I am in the process of planning a trip to Salem and am looking for some neat, scenic routes to take from Northern NJ-MA-we plan on doing the drive in a day-so we don't need hotels and such just maybe a few neat places to stop for food and shopping. Any resource is appreciated! Thanks!


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    If you like fried seafood (or roast beef), stop at Kelly's Roast Beef on Revere Beach in Revere, MA, which is about 15 minutes south of Salem. Another landmark is the Hilltop Steakhouse on Route 1 South in Saugus, MA, about 20 minutes south of Salem.

    The only scenic route that I can suggest is Route 2. You could take I-91 north from Hartford, CT to Greenfield, MA to pick up Route 2, but you'll be on the section of Route 2 east of the Mohawk Trail section, which is much more scenic/woodsy/backroadsy. I don't know a lot of scneic roads in CT, RI, or southern central MA.

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    Thanks so much! This is some great info. I will post how it turns out-thanks again!


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    Default Scenic around NY

    I'll chip in my favorite scenic route around NYC. It involves using I-287 to get around the Jersey suburbs as far as Suffern (I used Boonton Ave, NJ-511, and Ramapo Valley Rd, US-202, which are both nice 2-lane roads, before I-287 was finished). You then take Seven Lakes Drive through Palisides Interstate Park to Bear Mountain Bridge. Once across the Hudson, use US-202 to connect to I-684 and 84. Or you can just continue on up US-202 which is a pretty route through western Connecticut all in itself. I used to use this route routinely to get from Maine to Delaware and I never grew tired of it. It sure beats fighting your way through NYC. It will chew up some time, though.


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    Here are some suggestions that have just popped to mind - though some may be out of the way, maybe you can use them for another trip!

    I-87 in New York has some very lovely scenery. The Taconic Parkway doesn't have any commercial vehicles, but the at-grade crossings are definitely from a bygone era. I have driven NY-22 from US-44 North to NY and MA-23, (as well as from US-4 to NY-9), and I found it quite enjoyable - sparse traffic, nice farmland scenery.

    I-84 has become one of my least favorite roads - I guess familiarity breeds contempt - but it always seems to be at a crawl through CT when I get on it. The Merritt Parkway is a much nicer ride, with some interesting architectural details on the various bridges, and a different feel from an Interstate (also, no commercial vehicles).

    US-7 in CT is also a very nice ride, especially in the NW corner of the state, and of course there is US-202.

    And as Boston Wrangler stated, MA-2 is a top road, especially if you start from North Adams and stop at a view station on the Western Summit.

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