Hello all,

Awesome forum! I hope im not repeating a redundant thread. I had hoped to find a similar thread in the forums for a West Coast road trip, but havent found quite what im looking for. So here goes my request:

Leaving Vancouver, BC heading towards San Diego. We hope to take the 101 along the coast and have about 10 days in total to spend.

I found this great link off roadtripamerica for much of the Oregon Coast already: http://www.tripcheck.com/General/PacificCoast.htm I cant wait to see Astoria! Ive been in love with that city ever since i saw The Goonies hehe

Now what i would really love to hear, are peoples suggestions who have done a trip down the coast.
We are in mid 20's, enjoy good food, good time, interesting things, nothing can be considered "boring" as long as it is notable.

Restaurants? Seafood? Museums? Sights? Sounds? Clubs? Attractions?

Perhaps if anyone has any links similar to the one above or others? that would help too!

I thank you for your time reading this and look forward to what anyone has to suggest! You can find my MSN in my profile if you feel like talking real time.

We also will have an extra seat if there are any pedestrians dying for a road trip along the way.