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    Default Become one with the road

    Quote Originally Posted by Editor
    -- good for the soul and the mind.
    Besides a good week long hike or something like that, it is very true that a good solo road trip is good for the sould and the mind. People don't realize what happens in your brain when you're alone exploring, becoming one with the road. I find it even better if I don't have any specific destination in mind. I just drive around exploring until I feel content then I return home.

    I do that locally as well, not just weekend or week long trips. I used to find some really neat places and viewpoints just wondering around Chelan and Douglas Counties in Washington State, and even here in Phoenix, AZ.

    I used to do this alot when I work a shift that gets off late at night. I find myself just driving around the city. I unwind better that way.


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    Default solo road trips

    My last solo run was a few years ago and I am in dire need of another one. My schedule being what it is wont allow for me to travel anywhere for at least another three months, maybe a little longer. The last time I went I took my 59 galaxie over the top of Lake Michigan to St Ignace and back home again, it burnt an awful pile of gas along the way(it was set up for drag racing, not extended highway running). This time I am planning on taking the little brother to my galaxie, similar body style, smaller engine set up for highway running to make the gas expense easier. The trip that I took was only five hours one way away from home, but sometimes even less than that is a good thing for the mind, body and soul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arizona Brad
    I used to do this alot when I work a shift that gets off late at night. I find myself just driving around the city. I unwind better that way.
    I do that quite often when I finish work late; particularly in the summer when the sun is just starting to come up when I finish. Glasgow's sandstone buildings look beuatiful in the pinkish light, especially the University tower which you can see from all over.

    One memorable solo trip was a four hour drive through London on Christmas Day many years ago; I'd taken my father to work and got lost on the way back so I spent a surreal noon til 4pm driving through areas I'd never seen, seemingly the only car on London's usually jam-packed streets (everyone else was presumably indoors listening to the Queen's traditional yuletide speech). With rain falling by the bucket, and a stereo turned right up, it was the most incredible sort of isolation right in the midst of seven million people.

    I usually do the 420 mile journey between my parents' house in London and Glasgow University alone and it's a great way to adjust my mood from one state to another, it always feels like leaving / returning to the nest, but in either direction it's comforting to know that's there. Even at 33 years old, thoughts of my mother's cooking push life's problems aside!

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    All the advice on here is great, just let me say.

    Im 19 to be 20 in september, and im heading out on a 3 week solo shot from Jersey to Wyoming, taking mostly "blue highways", small roads through small towns. Its gonna great. And its much more than just a roadtrip for me, as i am a photographer, and when you think Jersey, mountains and lakes and such dont really come to mind, so im super excited to get my hands on some real nature for once.

    i think i got everything i need (see my post ), and as far as my route is concerned, i really just have a rough idea, ill be deciding most of it as i go.

    I will most certainly be visiting Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and the Wind River Canyon, even though they are touristy, ill deal with it to see what there is to be seen.

    In essence, i want to experience the part of america where less than 20% of the population resides. I want no part of the big metropolises, I want the small towns that barely have a mark on the map.
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    Default Quick bit of Advice

    If you're going on a solo roadtrip and are concerned about falling asleep and/or highway hypnosis, go to your doctor and speak with him.


    Road Trip Narcoleptic
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    Default Great Post!

    Quote Originally Posted by jimilkowski View Post
    Let your friends and family know where you're going.

    Stop in to see a therapist before you go... There is no place darker, scarier and more intimidating than your own mind.

    Remind yourself that you are neither mentally unstable nor outright insane for wanting to drive 9+ hours a day can even do this out loud, since no one is in the car to hear you converse with yourself :)
    I call someone about every two hours even if I'm just going to Orlando (a 2.5 hour drive from North Fort Lauderdale). It's good for someone to have an idea of where you were at some point of your journey, god forbid something happen to you. If you're driving at night, this is probably hard to do - you don't want to wake friends/family in the middle of the night - but there is always someone who is not so tied to their cellphone that they can't just turn it off when they go to bed so you can leave messages of where you were. Then you also need to be able to call someone who WILL wake up should you come across any emergency in the middle of the night.

    One of the things I like about road trips is time alone with my head. I usually will take some motivational/self help books on tape to listen to and I find this time really productive for me to think about things differently or think about making some changes. A therapist is always a good thing to have, I prefer life coaches, but to each its own.

    A lot of people don't understand why some of us prefer road trips to flying (no, I am not afraid of flying). It;s just our thing, we are not nuts!



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    Default Ninetysix hours is my cut-off

    Quote Originally Posted by JustTrish View Post
    I call someone about every two hours even if I'm just going to Orlando (a 2.5 hour drive from North Fort Lauderdale). It's good for someone to have an idea of where you were at some point of your journey, god forbid something happen to you.
    Generally, that is sound advice -- we certainly recommend that travelers have a pre-set time to call "home" and each day and let family members/friends know we are still out there and doing OK. With me, I rarely check in (by telephone) more than one time every 24 hours. In fact, the rule of thumb for my wanderings is a check into the office every 2-3 days by telephone. Of course, I am rarely without e-mail and Forum access for more than 12-18 hours... The staff/family will call out the search units if I go more than 96 hours without contact...


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    Default 1-2 times daily is usually more than enough

    I think once daily is enough but I'll usually call once in the morning and once at night. Mostly to touchbase with the kids and the husband (who can't always get away to go with me) than to report in. Of course, while I'm calling I also tell them of my plans for the day and where I'm staying that night. I don't think more than that is necessary unless your travel plans just a lot during the day.

    Of course, in this day of free nation-wide long distance plans on cellphones, calling home more often isn't a big deal.

    If I were to have any late night emergency, I would probably rely on AAA instead of bothering somebody at home who couldn't help me at the moment anyway.

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    Default Have to abide by mom's rules

    When I first started doing long-distance road trips, my parents, specifically my Mom would require a check later that morning, once at lunch, and then another when we stopped for the evening. In other words, she expected us to call whenever we stopped to put food in our mouths!

    She's eased up since then, but I kind of like that rule. Primarily because I'm notorious for hitting the road very very early, so breakfast would usually come about 8 or 9, lunch around 1 or 2, and finally when we stopped for the evening. We also call when ever we make any changes to the plans.

    What I've found to be very helpful is to sort of file a 'flight plan' with a family member, with the roads you expect to take highlighted. If you need to change them due to construction, weather, etc., call and advise them of that. That way if something does happen and they don't hear from you for a day or so they are able to go to the police with a route layed out of where you should have been.

    I do this on both solo and trips with multiple people. Never had to use it, but it definately keeps Mom from having a heart attack!


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    Default Checking in...

    This thread caught my eye, as in a week I fly to Newark and begin my coast-to-coast journey.

    Already I tend to speak to my dad every night (UK time)...I suspect the same will be the case in the states as I make the trek.

    I plan to buy a PAYG phone in NYC next week when I land - just a cheap and cheerful one - and will whack on some extra minutes and an international plan so I can call my friends back in the UK.

    I never thought about Road Hypnosis - I'd better watch that I guess. I've only got two or three really long stretches that aren't broken up by people I know.

    DJ Toast - liked your post about London @ Xmas. Surreal.

    I once was hacked off a few years back on a Friday afternoon - drove about seven or so hours north until I passed Inverness and kept going on to ULLAPOOL. Drove back the next day. Phew that was a trek.

    Anyway - enough of my babbling.

    Cali :)

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