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    Default Free wireless around the States?

    I'm getting with my laptop for my 3 month road trip thru the States.

    I'm looking for information about wireless connection around the country. I would prefer it free but would thank all kind of info.

    I've thought that maybe on airports, university campus, etc. But i would prefer to know if there are many cafes or laundrys with that kind of connection.

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    Default First search, then ask

    I should say myself "RTFM!".

    After posting the question I googled a little and I've found some great pages about free wifi spots around the States(and the World):

    The Wi-Fi-FreeSpot™ Directory
    Is a listing of Wi-Fi enabled locations that offer Free Wireless High Speed Internet Access (USA State-by-State listings and other regions of the World)

    Wi-Fi HotSpot Locator with more than 24000 spots located in the US.

    Wireless Librarian

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    Default Wi-Fi Field Reports

    On this site, we try to find the fine line between what is truly possible and what is hype. I use Wi-Fi nearly every time I leave the office, to check on this board and the rest of the RTA site.

    A real-world report on the useabilty of Wi-Fi for updating a web site on a roll was filed by Jon Vermilye. You can read his report here

    Plus, in the near future, we might be adding a subscription service that will provide real-time information about locations of Wi-Fi for our readers/members.

    And there is additional information on our Wireless Connection Page.

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