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    Default Full Spring Road Trip

    I'm going to the States for 89 days from April 5th to July 2nd, arriving and leaving from NY.

    Until April 18th I will be looking for a used car in NY or any near state. Then I will wait with no planned route until April18th when a friend of mine will arrive to NY-JFK to start the BIG TRIP.

    From April 20th to June 28th (approx) we will do a round trip from NY yo NY.

    We have planned a route without dates or directions. The details will be decide on the road.

    The Idea:
    NY -> Miami (Philadelphia, Washington, Smoky Mountains, Everglades)
    Miami -> San Diego (New Orleans, New Mexico, South Arizona, Joshua Tree Ntl Park)
    San Diego -> Seattle (LA, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Redwoods, Portland)
    Seattle -> Yellowstone
    Yellowstone -> South Utah (Salt Lake, Arches, Canyonlands)
    South Utah -> LA (Bryce, Zion, LV Death Valley)
    LA -> Chicago (thru old Route 66: Grand Canyon, Monument Valley)
    Chicago -> Detroit
    Detroit -> Montreal (Toronto, Ottawa)
    Montreal -> NY (Maine, Boston)

    This route will probably change a lot but it is an starting point to have an idea of what to do.

    Now I'm trying to make a list of interesting places on each state we plan to cross. With a nice list we will be able to decide each day what to do.

    Both of us have already been in the South West so we won't spent many time on some parks.

    We thank any suggestions or ideas.

    My most important worry now is where to look for the used car. Any idea on which state or city less than 400 miles from NYC could i look for?
    I forget to tell that we have prepared a kind of blog site to report during the trip and to upload pictures. The site is in spanish only, but hey, the pictures have no language!
    At the moment we only have the best pictures about our old trips to the States.
    The URL is
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