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  1. Default The Loneliest Road Trip

    Hi there. This is my photo record of the road trip my mother and I took July 29-Aug. 1, 2003, The Loneliest Road Trip. My route was as follows: Hwy 50 from Folsom, CA east through Nevada (the Loneliest Road) to central Utah, then south and east along Hwy 89 and Hwy 89A. Then around and down to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Then west on I-40, detouring to drive a section of Route 66. Then north along Hwy 93 to Vegas, northwest along Hwy 95, then crossing the border in to California at Topaz Lake and over the mountains to home. I hope y'all find this interesting.

    The URL for the gallery is as follows:

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    Somebody look at my pictures. :o(

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    imported_Steve Guest

    Default Your pics....

    Hi Kevin

    I had a look yesterday - they are excellent. The murals in Ely are spectacular, and the view of the Gerand Canyon are really nice, because they are so different from the shots you normally see of the GC. Looks like you had a great trip

    Thanks for sharing your pictures

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    I started this thread on the old board as "Nivek"--I changed my name to "Bogart" with the move to the new forum.

    Sometimes I wish I had more people to share photos and vacation stories with. Glad someone enjoys them.

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    Hokaka Guest


    I took a look as well. Great picstures. I always enjoy pictures of Nevada, the roughness of the desert is something special to me anyways. Also liked some of the shots of Hoover Dam. Thanks for sharing!

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