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    Default College kids in search for adventure


    My college friends and I are looking for an adventure this summer, but we were needing some ideas. We will be starting in Georgia and have kicked around the idea of heading west. We have about three weeks max and don't want to spend the entire trip traveling, but also seeing some cool sites.

    I grew up in Southern California so I'm familar with the area, but are we pushing our luck trying to drive that far? I also want to say Las Vegas is out because only one of us will be 21.

    So, is out west fesible and if so, what does one suggest? Is is more practical to go north to New York ect. because we aren't opposed to that either? Any suggestions of what to see/do for either?

    Thanks for all your help!

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Out west

    Three weeks is should be more than enough time to travel to the west coast and back, even if you do stop more than driving. Unfortunately, I do have to agree with the decision to skip Vegas, what is more unfortunate is that they no longer have the minimum age of gambling as 18 (last I heard from some friends of mine), and if drinking is what you were thinking, well, that counts out the entire US. But anyway, it depends on what sort of things you folks are into. Are you the nature-loving National Park hoppers (no offense, I fall into this category), or are you looking for more City life. Personally I'm the type that loves roads that climb, have more curves than a spiral, or just look fun. For me, the road (and driving it) is the best part.
    If you plan to visit Phoenix, I do say a visit to South Mountain Park/Preserve at the base of Central Ave. in the South part of the city is a must see. I just did the drive up there yesterday and it is an awesome drive (very narrow, tight curves, no more than 15 mph), with some EXCELLENT views of the Valley of the Sun (especially at night), and the hiking trails are supurb!
    But, it would be easier to dispense advice if we all knew your kicks!
    Will be waiting your reply.
    Brad M.

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    Default Las Vegas is far more than Gambling

    While the legal gambling & drinking age has been 21 years old for at least 50 years, there is far more to do in Las Vegas than either of those activities.

    Beyond the amazing range of shows, special events and free activies Las Vegas is home to some of the best rock bouldering in the west. Plus there is water skiing and other recreational pursuits at Lake Mead and the Colorado River.

    For some of our favorite Las Vegas haunts check out <a href = "">Vegasland<a/> and our <a href = "">Recreational pages<a/>.

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    Default That would mean to my knowledge

    Washington State is eithe the only or one of the only states with a gambling age of 18. It works for Washington, they don't have any additional gambling problems.

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