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    Is it a problem for people from Europe to get back into USA after a bordercrossing to Mexico.

    I have heard that it takes forever to get back over the border as long as you are not american citizen.

    We are not planing to bring the car over the border. Just go over for a day or two and then back to the US.

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    Default across the border


    I don't know about Europeans, but I am not American, I'm from Canada, and it didn't take any longer for me to get accross the border. They probably will asked a few additional questions that's all. Of course, you have to have a valid passport with you and make sure you don't have anything suspicious in your bags. Make photocopies of your passport in case it gets stolen and put them in different locations.

    Getting in is a joke, they often don't even ask for ID so you pay 35 cents or so and you're in. Your choice to leave your car in the US is probably the right one because apparently you can wait for hours at the border. If you plan to spend some time in Mexico, remember that even in border towns, very few Mexicans speak English, or any other language that you might speak except for Spanish and even so, they don't speak exactly the same kind of spanish you do in Europe. Try to get some pesos before you cross the border at a Casa Del Cambio and don't wear or bring any expensive stuff with you and stay in crowded business areas.

    Have a nice trip!:-)


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