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    Default San Francisco to Vegas


    I am from the UK and planning a short trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas, departing SFO on 15th April and arriving in Vegas on 17th April. As you can see quite a short trip tacked onto a business trip.
    My initial plan was to drive from SFO to Yosemite and spend a day there walking, then going to Vegas by 120 / 395 etc. I have now seen that I will not be able to make it from Yosemite to 395 due to snow at this time of year.

    Therefore as alternatives I am considering

    A) still doing Yosemite but taking 41 / 99 to etc to Vegas. Yosemite will be fun but I suspect that 99 will be a bit boring

    B)Maybe missing Yosemite and from SFO taking 80 or 50 to 395 and then 395 etc to Vegas. I am concerned about how much driving time this would be and if I will have time to look around. Also if I take this option does anyone have any suggestions on the best route to take from 395 to Las Vegas.

    My other big concern is that the areas I am looking like strongly recommend carrying Snow chains and so far I have failed to find a vehicle rental company that supply or even allow the use of Snow chains, does anyone have any suggestions.

    Also would anyone be interested in joining me on this short trip ?



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    You are correct -- Tioga Pass (over the Sierras) will still be closed due to snow in April.

    Alternatives north from Yosemite could go by either I-80 or US-50 and you might get lucky and not need snow chains, but when you are on the western slope of the Sierras, you might consider spending some time exploring the California Gold country

    Likewise, the southbound route could include travel on CA-49
    and then through Tehachapi and then up through Ridegcrest and through Death Valley enroute to Las Vegas.

    If you elect to cross the Sierras in the north, one route to Las Vegas is the one employed by the editor in a recent solo trip.

    If you use the southern route -- snow chains will not be required.
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    Alan.beard Guest

    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the ideas
    I will do some more research

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    Default Gold Country

    If you choose the gold country try hwy 88 east from Jackson (goes right by my house). It is open all year (except when they do avalanche work which is rare) and is a very nice alternative to the northern routes. 395 is definately worth the ride as the mountains will be snowcapped and beautiful. But do get road info before heading out. If there has been recent snow the trip down I-5 or 99 might be advised.

    If you can swing through Death Valley from 395 you'll have an interesting experience to make up for missing Yosemite. This would be my preference over the other suggestions made so far. It is a fairly slow drive so you won't be able to squeeze any other side trips in.

    By the way. Red Rock Park on the west edge of Las Vegas is an amazing place on a sunny day (best in the morning). Drive carefully.

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