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    Default gas stations on road trip

    Hi there we are planning a road trip in june, to the west coast,inc San Fran, yosemite,death valley,vegas,G/Canyon on to San Diego then making our way back up to San Fran, we were wondering whether anyone knows of a good web site listing gas stations along routes ? this would be pretty important for the Yosemite - Vegas part!!!! Thanks for any help offered
    Cheers Eddie

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    Default gasbuddy

    For a starter, try

    It's not all inclusive, but gives price ranges (and the lowest cost stations) for most large cities, which will give you an idea of the best places to be looking.

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    Default There are several

    In your planning, be aware that the mountain passes in the Sierras (between Yosemite and Death Valley) will probably still be closed.

    There are very few places in the USA where one can not find a gas station at least every 50 to 75 miles. There are some longer stretches, of course, but I can't think of any such place on your likely route.


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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default A few things to remember to keep your self on the road

    1) Look at your map. Most towns have a gas station, and there are fewer gas stations in areas that are not "dotted" on the map. If you see a large stretch of highway ahead of you with no towns dotted, fill up (example I 10 between Quartzsite, AZ and Phoenix, AZ).
    2) When your vehicle's gas gauge hits between 1/2 tank and 1/4 tank, start looking for a gas station and fill up at the first you see. If you hit 1/4 tank and still haven't found one... well, keep looking, but put it on priority. Too many people think "I have a quarter tank, great!" and try to push it, and they end up calling me (I work with AAA Roadsevice Arizona) when they run out of gas between Quartzsite and Phoenix.

    These simple rules will usually keep you on the road, because if you start looking for a station at that 3/8ths of a tank mark, you will usually A) find one thats open before you hit a 1/4 tank and B) not have to sit on the side of the road waiting for a truck from AAA or the Highway Patrol.
    Good luck! Its nice to see people THINKING about fuel before they get out into the boon-docks before it becomes an issue.
    Brad M.

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