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    Default 1 week loop from Sacramento

    Hi all. I will fly to Sacramento from NYC on 5th April. I will rent a car from airport.( I bought flight ticket ) I will have exactly 7.5 days. I made myself many plans but nothing is clear. I have been in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, & Las Vegas. I don't want to stay these places. But I can pass from San Francisco and Los Angeles. Because I had no car when I was there. I will travel solo. I have 2 plans. First is from Sacramento to Utah via Route 50. Then to Phoenix via route 89 and Flagstaff. From Phoenix to San Diego via route US 80. Then to San Francisco on highway 1. This plan is a little tiring but 3 historical route is good for me. Route 50-route 80 and highway 1. My second plan is more resting. From Lake Tahoe to San Diego on route 395 then to San francisco highway 1. I am waiting your ideas. Thanks all. (sorry for my english)

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    Default Consider Highway 50 and 376 South in Nevada

    Hi. 'Sounds like you have a few really nice travel routes planned. I happen to enjoy desolate desert trips. You may want to consider Highway 50 (which I really like) and then in Nevada take 376 South to Tonopah. Tonopah is an old mining community. There is a great old hotel there called the Mizpah (named after one of the mines) that has a very good restaurant (I think they call it the Jack Dempsey Room since the boxer Jack Dempsey allegedly worked there --however, it appears that Jack Dempsey worked in many places in that part of the country!). You can then take 375 to 6 and then be on your way to Utah, as planned. If you like mining history they have a very nice little museuem in Tonopah. Enjoy your trip -- whatever you decide!

  3. Default The first route!

    Your first choice is about 2100 miles, and my best guess is it will take about 45 hours of driving time. This is only 6 hours of driving each day -- that's not so bad if you like to drive -- and the route is very scenic.

    Route 80 does not exist anymore -- today, I-8 parallels the old highway's route. For a more scenic, slower paced route, I'd take (from Phoenix) US60 to I-10 at Vicksburg Jct, then I-10 to Blythe, SR78 from Blythe down through Brawley, Julian and Ramon and into San Diego on SR67.

    If you want to save some time and traffic headaches in southern California, you might use I-15, I-10 and I-5 to get up to the Bakersfield area, then go west to the coast highway from there -- that way you don't have to slug it out through the LA area on that much slower route, but you still get to see the most beautiful part of the central California coast (San Luis Obispo to Monterey). Just a suggestion.

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    Default thanks dr T and Bob

    I thank your opinions. from Thaoe lake till interstate 70 nearly 450 mile will be long and boring for solo traveler. Maybe I will only stay in California. Also gas prices are very high nowadays. Less drive more walking will be better ;-)

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