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    eddie Guest

    Default G/Canyon to San Diego

    Hi there we are travelling from grand canyon to san diego in june, im having trouble finding a decent routes and am now looking for some help.
    cheers guys

  2. Default Take the scenic route...

    (Or one of them, anyway!)

    SR64 to I-40, I-40 west to SR-89, SR-89 south through Prescott to Aguila via SR-71. US-60 to I-10, I-10 west to SR-78 at Blythe, and SR-78 all the way to I-15 at Poway. That puts you on the north end of the San Diego area with only a short drive left to the downtown or the beach.

    This route will take you through Williams, Prescott, high Arizona ranch country, Joshua Tree forest area (north of Wickenburg, AZ along US-93), lush Arizona low desert, the sand hills (and dunes) along SR-78 south of Blythe, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and Julian. It's a great route. Just writing about it here makes me want to go for a ride! Bob

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    Default By All Means Go the Williams Route!

    I am not familiar with the other routes, but I can tell you the route through Williams is great. My husband and I took the train from Williams to the Grand Canyon a few years ago. What a great trip! Also, the town of Williams itself is very interesting and caters to the traveler. And, of course, the Mother Road goes through Williams. We enjoyed driving Route 66 as far as we could go to Las Vegas. I think you would enjoy that part of your journey.

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    eddie Guest


    thanks guys for the advice its much apprieciated
    cheers Eddie

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    Pepijn Guest

    Default travel time and RV camping?

    This trip sounds interesting! Sofar I read a lot of other routes on Dutch forums. Can you tell me how long it will take from San Diego to Grand Canyon (I will go the other way round)? Can you perhaps recommend a RV camping on the way?


  6. Default Miles and Driving Time

    The fastest route (using I-15 and I-40) is 550 miles and 9 hours driving time -- but the route I suggested above would take longer as it is on two-way highways rather than interstate routes.

    Perhaps someone else can recommend an RV camp along the way -- the only place I know of is at Laughlin, Nevada, across from Laughlin's Riverside Resort. (Laughlin is a gambling resort on the Colorado River, if you're not familiar). Bob

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