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    manhattanewyork Guest

    Default Renting Car in California

    I am planning to fly go California in April from New York.I want to rent a car there. I have no car insurance. Whrn I rented car in New york , I never accepted any covered from rental car company.But I am not sure how are rules in California. I heard that liability insurance is necessary.Can I rent a car in California without any coverage.

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    ucrQ Guest

    Default you need insurance

    hey. you definitely need insurance.
    however, it is not the responsibility of the rental agency to make sure you have it. you can waive the insurance they offer if:
    *you have your own car insurance (which you don't)
    *if your platinum credit card covers your car rental insurance (most platinum do this if you pay for the rental with your platinum card)
    *you don't plan to get into an at-fault accident (technically, if the cops pull you over for traffic violations, u only need to show proof of vehicle registration and the rental contract). if someone bumps your car, just get their insurance info. ur not obliged to give yours unless police are on the scene.
    *just cough up and get insurance for goodness' sakes.

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    manhattanewyork Guest

    Default thank you

    Thanks a lot ucrQ for your answer.

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