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    Tricia Guest

    Default Florida to California, I refuse to get bored

    I'm driving with a friend from Florida to California in one week and I was wondering what ideas some of you might have as to what I should bring to keep from getting REALLY bored? It's his birthday tomorrow, and I was going to get him some gag gifts for the trip, like a map, compass, instant camera...any other suggestions? Thanks for any info you guys can give me, and if you have any suggestions for definite routes to take that are interesting or cool places to stop, tell me! Thanks!

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    Default A Few Thoughts

    One year when my husband and I were driving several days around Arizona, I bought a book that used milemarker signs on various highways and then gave facts about the area. It was primarily focused on the geology of the area, but it was pretty interesting. For key milemarkers, it would provide interesting facts for that area. If there is such a book available for some of the states you're driving through, I would recommend that.

    Also, its not too original, but I am currently listening to the Barnes and Nobles Professor CD. It's not a book on CD, it's actually a class. They have about a dozen differnt courses available. The one I bought has 8 different CDs and is very interesting.

    I am envious of your trip -- wish I could go, too. Be safe and have a GREAT time!

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    Mari Guest

    Default Your Road Trip

    When are u planning to leave? Yea, much like the post before me I wish I could ride along, even just to Texas. LOL

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