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    My husband and I are driving from KY to Las Vegas and maybe on over to the coast. What is the best scenic route? We have about 2 or 3 weeks and would like to spend at least 4 days in Vegas. Any suggestions for the drive to Vegas and other destinations on the west coast ie Grand Canyon, LA, whatever? Any ideas will be appreciated!

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    Of the Interstate routes, I-70 is the most scenic. Kansas is farms, never-ending wheatfields, and great plains vistas, then from Denver west you go straight up into the Rockies and down the west slopes. It's beautiful. See Rocky Mountain National Park (NW of Denver), and the southern Utah parks. As many of them as you can. Ride the narrow gauge steam train at Durango. Do a whitewater trip on the Animas, the San Juan or the Arkansas River. Eat a cowboy supper and see the western music comedy show at the Bar D Wranglers (Durango). Yes, it's hokey, but loads of fun. See the North Rim of GC -- and then go on to Las Vegas by way of Zion NP. California and the coast is a whole different topic -- Yosemite is the Crown Jewel, and the coast highway (SR1) from San Luis Obispo to Monterey is a must. You may not have time to do ALL of these in two to three weeks. You'll have to plan and choose carefully to fit in the things that sound like the best choices for you.


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