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    I am interested in taking a road trip with my family. We will only have about a week and I don't want to end up spending thousands of dollars. We plan to go early summer and would be starting in KY. I have a 6 & 9 yr old so I would like something family oriented. I would really like to get them a chance to see part of the world, possibly some natural wonders, or maybe even the corny little things like the biggest ball of yarn. Just spending some time together and getting out in the world. I would like to keep it relatively simple for this first time, and then maybe expand on this trip as they get older. Any suggestions for destinations or pointers.

  2. Default Lake Superior!

    One option would be to head north and see the Great Lakes -- get some beach time, see some lighthouses, etc. Why not make a loop north and along the shores of Lake Superior, see Mackinac Island and then some of the Lake Michigan shore along Michigan's western edge before heading back home through Indiana.

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    Wow, thanks! That was really quick and that is an avenue I hadn't even considered. I would love to fit a beach into the picture. Will 1 week be long enough?

  4. Default Bastante Bien!

    That means, "good enough..." You can do this trip in one week, but you won't have too much time in any one place. Divide the map up into equal segments for the number of days you have, and subtract the time you want to spend stopped looking at something, shopping, beachcombing, lighthouse whitewashing (OK, well, you'd probably get into trouble for that one). What's left will be the number of miles you'll have to cover in X number of driving hours. It shouldn't be a problem.

    A quick plan on MS Streets and Trips shows you can do a trip R/T from Louisville to Duluth, Houghton (MI), Sault Ste Marie, Mackinac Island, down US31 to Holland MI, and back to Louisville in 4 days, 6 hours driving time, with 9-5 days. That leaves you (3?) days for fooling around along the way. It's a little over 2000 miles. I'd do it.

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