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    Wesley Guest

    Default Current Grand Canyon Conditions

    My girlfriend and I are traveling to the Grand Canyon next week. We are staying in Williams, but will be all around that area. I checked the weather forecast and it said snow and some rain showers are expected next week. Does anyone know what the current conditions are, and what is expected next week? Just trying to plan the trip accordingly. We are driving from Memphis to Arizona down 40. Any road condition updates would be appreciated as well.

  2. Default It is currently...

    46 degrees, skies are clear. I would not worry about encountering bad weather conditions -- chances are excellent that even if it DOES snow or rain, the roads will stay clear or nearly so and the Canyon is even more beautiful on those days. Snow showers/rain tend to be lighter this time of year and usually pose little to no problems for travelers. <a href="">Check this link<a/> at any time for up to the minute road conditions.

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    (928) 638-7888 is the phone number for the library at the south rim. If you have questions about the weather, the people at the library are more than happy to help you with your questions. They mentioned that its cold at night, so bundle up!

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    Transplanted Midwesterner Guest

    Default Any other advice?

    I'm also going to be at the Canyon this Saturday, as part of a long weekend in Vegas. I'm staying in Williams Friday, and planning a day of exploring and hiking on Saturday.

    Any words of wisdom from Bob or the other veteran southwest roadtrippers before I go?

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Check with AZDOT

    Check the latest conditions at or by dialing 511 from any Arizona based phone, and just make sure you know the highway numbers for the grand canyon.

  6. Default IMAX film

    If you cannot go on an aerial tour ($75), the IMAX film at Tusayan is the next best thing! It's pretty awesome.

    If you want to spend an entire day hiking, the walk to Plateau Point and back can be done -- but it'll be a tough day. The hike out takes much longer than the hike in, unless you are in excellent shape and well-used to steep grades. An easier hike is to do as much of the rim walk as you can fit in.

    Be sure to poke around in the Kolb Studio (at the head of Bright Angel Trail). If you are still there at supper time, the best meal is obtained with a reservation at the El Tovar -- but a CLOSE second is the Arizona Room at the Bright Angel Lodge -- a very excellent steak and prime rib house and I don't think reservations are a requirement.

    Williams also has an excellent steakhouse -- Rod's, family owned since the 1940's. Or if you prefer Mexican, there's a good Mexican place downtown along Rte 66 as well -- "Pancho McGillicuddy's Mexican Cantina." Be careful though -- there's a dish with "Diablo" Sauce. When they say "devil," that MEANS hot. They're NOT kidding. I'm an old hand at spicy food, and I had to scrape this stuff off -- and I STILL almost couldn't eat it. Other than that -- the food is GREAT! :)


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