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    Default Trying to fit Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/San Francisco into a week.


    We are an Aussie family of two adults and three kids who are about to live our Disneyland dream. We are spending the first week in LA including a visit down to San Diego. This means that we have a full week to see Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and San Francisco. I originally thought about flying out of LA to LV on (Sat), staying a night, hiring a car and driving out to GC (Sun). Spend the night and then drive back to LV for the night(Mon). From there fly to SF and spend two nights (Tues/Wed) in SF and then hire a car and drive towards LA, spending a night along the way (Thurs).End up back in LA for a night (Fri) and then fly back to Sydney (Sat). This is where my dilemma begins.

    This is what I am thinking of doing.

    What do you think of this alternative?

    Spend my last night of the first week down at San Diego then hire a car and drive out to the GG via Phoenix and stay at the Canyon on Sat. night. Drive to LV and stay Sun/Mon night. Drive to SF via Highway 95 to Carlson City spending a night somewhere along the way (Tues). Spend night in SF (Wed) and then head down the coast road back to LA stopping overnight somewhere (Thurs). Last night in LA (Fri) Fly out Sat.

    Is this a feasable trip??

    Questions: As time is an important which is the shorter route LA to GC or SD to GC?

    Can anybody think of a better way to fit this all together?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default I would fly instead of drive

    Los Angeles is 490 miles and approx 7 1/2 hours of just driving time to the S. Rim of the Grand Canyon.

    San Diego is 580 miles and approx. 9 hours of just driving time to the S. Rim of the Grand Canyon via Phoenix, AZ. I would not attempt this. It won't give you any time to see the Grand Canyon.

    Las Vegas to Carson City, NV is 435 miles and another 9 hours of just driving time.

    The west is a big area to cover by driving in such a short time. From Los Angeles, to Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Carson City, San Francisco and back to Los Angeles is almost 1,900 miles and most of it won't be on Interstate Freeways so you won't be able to drive 75 miles per hour most of the time. Plan on being in the car for at least 33 hours. I think I would stick with your flying schedule.


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    Default LA to Vegas is not too long

    Hi, I've done the drive from LA to Vegas several times. Best drive time I've done is about 4 hours, but it has sometimes taken an extra two hours just hanging around in traffic. That said, it's not a difficult drive... And in my opinion, as someone who has both flown and driven into Vegas, I'd say do the drive just for the impact you get when you suddenly find Vegas ahead of you. And... I have to say that arriving in Vegas after dark is extra special, obviously because the lights of Vegas are dazzling after driving on roads with almost nothing around you...

    I'd take a break in Vegas then head out to the GC the next day from there... Vegas to the CG will take a few hours in a car...maybe 3 or 4, I'm not sure, but doing it this way is going to be less constant driving time than LA to GC.

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