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    Last week I had the opportunity to drive a bit of I-95 enroute to Columbia SC -- the first time I had ever seen "South of the Border." Wow, what a tourist trap! I mean that in the BEST way, of course... We didn't stop, but I haven't seen anything like that since Wall Drug or Bowlin's Running Indian, but both of those are/were on a smaller scale.

    So my next thought is, could it have been worth a stop? Did I miss anything wonderful by breezing past at 70? I was on a short schedule and had to make the plane home with no time to spare, but maybe next time, depending on what you all have to say about it. Bob

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    Default Pedro

    Just an opinion, but I would say NO, you didn't miss anything unless you like kiddie stuff and beans necklaces:o) I went there as a young teenager, I enjoyed it at the time, it's a great place for kids, but I don't think I would like it as much as an adult... Looks more like a tourist trap to me. I still enjoy the trillions road signs though, especially the one that says "come fill your trunque with Pedro's junque" (or something like that:o)


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    More queso for your peso! :)

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    Default It is Worth a stop

    If you like roadstop Americana -- it is worth a stop. I am not overly fond of touristy things, but I always make a point of stopping.

    A road tripping couple that are frequenty posters on this forum always makes a point of staying overnight in the bridal suite -- they love it.



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