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    I want to make a Denver loop. My stops are Pueblo (CO) Santa FE (NM) Silver City (NM) Mesa (AZ) Flagstaff (AZ) Durango(CO) Denver (CO) It is total 2200 miles. I want to start beginnig of March. Total 1 week. I will rent a car Denver Airport. My total exp. 190$ NYC- Denver flight 190$ rent a car 1 week alamo all tax include motels total 220$ gas is nearly 180$.nearly 780$ . is there any opinion? should I make this trip? is march good time for roads. Thanks?

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    So, you'd be driving about 6 hours per day to get this done in about a week? By my quick calculations, it is about 37 hours of driving time.

    You will likely run into some snow in the Santa Fe area, around Silver City (possibly), Flagstaff, and then in the high areas throughout the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado. Unless you arrive right after or during a storm, the roads themselves will probably be in good shape. With a little good weather luck, I doubt you'll have much trouble.

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    I'm a native of Colorado and I've lived in Flagstaff, Taos, and Albuquerque. This is the land I love the most. I can tell you that March is the single worst month to see this part of hte US. You're between seasons, so no beautiful snow and no beautiful blooms. The sky will be blue, but the sky is always blue in the southwest. Thing is, the wind will be horrible. Wind in the southwest is not like elsewhere. It pretty much ruins everything. It's hard to hike in. If you go to the Sand Dunes (which you should) they will be horrible. The ground is so dry and the air so arid it pretty much hurts all the time. Your sinuses will hate you for it. I hate to be a doomsayer. but if you had asked about virtually any other month, I'd say go for it. But March--not a good time for the old southwest. Best times: April-November. If you ski or like snow, December -February. Oh, look, that leaves out March. and I was trying to be fair. I LOVE this land with all my heart. LOVE IT. But March is its ugliest time of year. I hope hope hope you will visit us in May or June or October. Wow! you will be floored--an unforgettable trip for sure!

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