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    Default from Louisiana to San Fran

    My best friend and I are graduating from college and we are ready to go from Louisiana to SanFransico and maybe up to Vancover to see a friend. The thing is, we only have about a month. Is this possible? Can we be back to Louisiana in a month, or are we just dreaming?

    Thinking about going through the south to Cali, then after Vancouver make a straight line back to Louisiana.

    Any suggestions on roadplans or sightseeing?

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    Carolyn Worl Guest


    i was just planning a trip from CA (near sacramento) to georgia and found myself going through LA. i'm going to be doing it with kids so i'm only driving 5-6 hours a day, but you can go from LA to CA in 4 days i think if you share the driving.

    another option: rent a car and take your drive, leave the car at your destination and fly back. this gives you more time to drive and see the sight, etc. i'm in the process of checking cost effiency between each way. for me though, driving 10 days and just traveling (staying with people) for a total of 15 days with kids...i'm gonna want that quick flight back home!

    hope this helped some.

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