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    John zapf Guest

    Default Moving to LA from Toronto, towing trailer in 1975 delta 88

    Hi there, im driving my Delta 88 convertible 1975 to LA from Toronto. Im towing all my possesions in a 4x8 trailer thats at about the limit of 2000lbs. Id go the straight route through colorado but i dont want to hit mountains or god forbid snow. im gonna be putting enough strain on the tranny as it is. The other option was just to head south and then cross straight across to LA, adding 400 miles to the trip for some warm weather and flat land.

    can anyone recommend a route for the conditions that i need? i have to be able to make it in 6 days or less. and will proabably be maxing it out at 60mph.

    thanks much


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    Default Flatland

    Some people on the forum might not agree with me:-), but personally, I think your best bet for flat land without snow is the southern route : I-10 and then maybe I-59, I-65, I-71, I-90 and QEW. I believe the Continental Divide is easier to cross than on I-40, I-70 or I-80. I think the mountains on I-40 weren't that bad either, but remember that wherever you decide to go, you're likely to hit some snow along the way. I-70, especially in Colorado, is gorgeous but pretty steep even though they apparently maintain the road pretty well during the winter (thank God!).

    Good Luck!


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    I agree with Gen -- while they ALL have a few grades, I-10 probably has the least, mostly between Tucson and the NM border. I-40 has several between the Colorado River and Williams, AZ, and at least one east of Albuquerque where the road goes over the Sandias.

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    John zapf Guest

    Default toronto to LA

    thanks for the info guys. yeah i was set on the i 40 route over the rockies. it looks pretty flat up until NM. 40 is a straighter shot, but maybe ill cut on down to 10 further west.

    thanks a lot for the help



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