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    Sylvia Guest


    My friends and I are planning our first road trip. We know we want to end up in California, we know we want to stop in Ohio (to see my childhood home, the northeastern tip of ohio). Then Chicago...then it gets hazy till Seattle, then down to San Fransisco. Here are my questions:
    -How long (at most)should we drive each day?
    --What are some essential cities/places? I will be traveling with three boys and they are really into music. no rock and roll hall of fame, its over rated, but is there anything else?
    -any ideas for the route back?

    we have no time constraints, but we'd like to do it in about a month, i think.

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    Carolyn Worl Guest


    i would take I-80 west to cali then south through cali...I-5 is boring, the coastal hwy is beautiful but time consuming then take I-40 (old route 66) back east. its' a route i'd love to take, but i'd be starting in northern california.

    also, i would only plan on driving 5-6 hours a day with kids. i found a great site...don't know if we can post other site address up here, so i won't. but it has a lot of game ideas for kids.

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