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    Default Reasonable journey?

    Next June I'm thinking of visiting relatives in KY, I was then thinking of hiring a car and driving to CA (LA area). Flight from London to Ky, then a flight back from LAX to London.
    I don't want to be driving 24/7 so I've allocated 3 weeks (which I think will be enough). Any ideas or information about the drive anyone could pass onto me would be most appreciated. Living in the UK its a lot harder to do this independently rather than going through a travel agent, so I'm struggling a bit!
    Many Thanks


  2. Default What information or assistance do you need?

    The driving is only 3 or 4 days (4 if you "mosey"), so you have plenty of time with three weeks. If you have some specific questions, we'll try to address them. Let us know what you are interested in.

    Another idea would be to use the "search" feature on the forum and enter some terms like Route 66 or I-40, or state names along the way -- like Arizona or New Mexcio -- and read the posts that pop up (be sure to select all the forum categories to search in).

    You'll get a lot of ideas, and maybe some additional questions, which you can then bring back here and our distinguished experts will respond! Happy planning! (and by the way, you're going to enjoy this trip!) Bob

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    Just a thought...

    I live in KY, on the Northern most part, close to Cincinnati, OH. Which incidently is a nice area.

    Anyhow, we road trip a lot, and I can tell you that Chicago is about 4-5 hours from Cincy.

    If you want to do something cool (or at least in my opinion of cool) you could drive up to Chicago, then do Rt. 66 (or what is available of it) out to LA, then fly out of LAX to the UK.

    Just an idea. :)

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    Default ideas?

    What are your interests enroute?

    We could direct you to GRAND CANYON, Las Vegas, ZION national park, BRYCE CANYON national park, GATEWAY ARCH St. Louis, all sorts of things. Just let us readers know if you want some scenic stops along the way.

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    Default Car hire


    Look at car hire costs first. They are likely to charge a very high drop off charge for picking up in KY and dropping off in CA. Depending upon your budget this may be a killer blow.


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