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    Default Road trip around the edges

    Two of my friends and I want to do a road trip in June. We want to take about 4 weeks to do this. With our itinerary, about how many driving days do you think we will need?

    From Dalton, Georgia(80 miles northwest of Atlanta) to New Orleans where we want to spend 3 days. From there to Roswell, New Mexico(spend 1 day). From Roswell to Las Vegas(spend 2 days). From Vegas to Seattle(spend 2 days). From Seattle to Niagra Falls(Canadian Side- spend 1 day) traveling through Canada. From Niagra Falls to New York City(spend 4 days). From New York to Salem, Massachusetts(spend 1 day). From Salem to Charleston, South Carolina(spend 2 days). From Charleston to Savannah(spend 2 days). From Savannah to home.

    Any other advice would be welcome. Thanks for your time.

  2. Default Rough Guess

    16 days, driving time, APPROXIMATELY.

    You can plan this trip with a $3.95 Rand McNally road atlas, available at most drug stores and WalMarts. But the work is MUCH easier with good trip planning software -- I use MS Streets and Trips. It is easy to use, and the trip plans you get are pretty accurate, if you take care to plan adequately -- make sure to add in your rest stops, meals, etc.

    Quick rule of thumb, for a day of highway driving, times the number of hours you want to drive by 52 mph, and that's about a normal day's travel -- example, 8 hour day, X 52, = 416 miles. Using 52 takes into account your gas stops, driver changes, reading historical markers (you DO, don't you?) etc. Don't know exactly why, but it always seems to work out about right if you use that number! Have fun. Bob

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