So coming from the UK to the US for a road trip of around 80 days, going from San Francisco to Orlando.

The burning question is on car rental, only Alamo seem to allow a one way rental across state. The problem is that Alamo in the UK and the US quote different information relating to how long we can rent and the associated terms.

Alamo US state that they allow for a maximum of 56 day hire, then you need to return the vehicle to an authorised depot before collecting another one, or you need to have a service every 30 days at a designated depot if you are keeping the same vehicle.

Alamo UK tell us that you can hire for more than 56 days and its just another voucher that is required, but you must then contact the pickup and dropoff stations to arrange it yourself, or that it will be at the discretion of the pickup station if you can take it out of state. This all depends who you speak to and which way the wind is blowing.

Does anyone know for definite what the policy is on one way vehicle hire and where the best company is, or whether there is an alternative to hiring from the large companies.

We have considered buying a second hand vehicle, but would need something reliable and since it is only for a short period, would be difficult to sell on before leaving the country.

Thoughts or assistance would be gratefully received.