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    I plan on driving from south rim grand canyon to zion in late march.Does anyone have tips on most sensible/shortest route (89 up to Page,Az. or alt 89)I'll be driving a car...
    or should i fuel up in Page because alt 89 seems to be very remote for several miles.Any shared experiences or advice would be appreciated .

  2. Default Identical -- kind of.

    These routes are almost identical in terms of time and mileage -- 7 miles different between the two and 9 minutes. Personally, I like 89A better for the scenery -- but US89 is also spectacular because of Glen Canyon and Lake Powell. Depending on the passage of any storm fronts, 89A could have snow in March although the odds are in your favor.

    Gas is available in Flagstaff or Williams (south of the Canyon), or at Cameron, Page, Fredonia or Kanab for certain. I think there also might be pumps at the convenience store at Marble Canyon. If you gas in Williams or Flagstaff, then the mileage and size of your tank will govern where you'll have to stop. The trip total is about 250 miles. There also is gas available in Tusayan (at the south rim, outside the park), but it will be more expensive perhaps than the other places. There's no reason to worry about this if you pay attention -- example -- if you gas up at Cameron, it is only 142 miles to Fredonia -- well within the range of everything except an ultralight aircraft or a Harley Sportster! :) Bob

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