Lots of people are asking themselves about the actual roads used by Thelma & Louise on their journey. I tried to gather some informations about it, maybe others can help. Here are some facts you always wanted to know about the movie :


-Arkansas hometown of Louise and Thelma was actually Tarzana, California

-Thelma's house was a real one it is somewhere in the Valley (probably in Tarzana..Is Tarzana in the Valley?)

-The restaurant Louise works in is called DuPar's it's in Thousand Oaks

-The Silver Bullet bar really exists. It's actually a saloon in Long Beach, California.

-The Oklahoma City Motel is actually in L.A.

-A great part of the movie (that was supposed to take place in OK) was actually shot in or near Bakersfield, CA (ex. : the train scene with the huge green fields and the scene when they pick up JD (played by Brad Pitt) and get off the highway were shot in Bakersfield)

-The rest is supposed to show New Mexico and Arizona but it was filmed in Utah and Western Colorado (BLM Utah and Colorado, Arches Nat'l Park and Canyonlands)

-The Grand Canyon at the end is not the real Grand Canyon, this was filmed in Utah.


-There was actually five '66 green Thunderbirds on set

-24 rebuilt police cars and 3 choppers were used for the final scene

-The picture Harvey Keitel picks up in Louise's apt is a real picture of Sarandon at a young age

-Sarandon and Davis took country dancing lessons from Patsy Swayze, (Patrick's mom) to perform the dancing scene in the saloon

-Both of the leading actresses took shooting and stunt driving lessons for the movie

-Oups! If you look carefully, you can see the movie lights in the background during the rape scene

-In the last chase scenes, Davis is actaully riding in the car with the stunt driver most of the time

-Sarandon is really the one doing the stunt driving in the scene where the police cars split

If you rent the DVD, you can read some of the infos I wrote here inside the little booklet. I listened to audio commentaries to gather the rest. Maybe someone who lives in the mentionned areas can crosscheck the informations or find out more about the locations, it would be great!