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    Default 2 Week July Trip to Greendale Wisconsin from NJ

    We definitely like to backroad it & I can usually find the little roads going thru towns that follow the major highways in case we need to make time. I am looking for some interesting places to see along the way. We drive by day so as to "see" the places & stop overnight but if there is something interesting to stop at we will stay longer.

    We may end up in Minnesota too. We have a habit of heading in 1 direction & getting there the long way round. Thought we would like to see something of Scandanavian ideas in MN and Amish in Indiana & Ohio. Thought we might also visit Pittsburgh PA and Chicago OH.

    If you have any pointers, I sure would appreciate the help.
    I am a planner & get Country Discoveries by Reimens, very interesting magazine for idea all over country. Also plan on using my AAA membership to get guides & maps for ideas.

  2. Default Brown County, Indiana

    Nashville, INDIANA is a good base to explore Brown County, Indiana. It is a decidedly rural area near Bloomington -- lots of crafts and shops, country music (REAL country music) and gorgeous scenery. The area is the home of Gnaw Bone University -- one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the midwest (as is Indiana U in nearby Bloomington).

    Another interesting stop could be Springfield, IL -- home of Abraham Lincoln -- there are several attractions there connected with his adult life as a lawyer and political candidate, as well as his tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery. Happy touring! Bob

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