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    Default 2 girls: 11 days: I-95: Florida to Maine...and back.

    So we're driving from Florida to Maine...and back. March 4-14. Our main concern is weather. I didn't even realize it would still be snowing in many of these states!!

    So I guess what I'm asking is how to prepare for this. I'm assuming will need an ice scraper. I've heard some good things about purchasing RainX for the windows. What precautions should we take? Is there anything we'll need for the car, specifically because of the winter conditions of the first week of March?

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    Default Winter driving


    I think you shouldn't worry too much I-95 is a major interstate and unless you hit a big snowstorm (not very likely to happen at that time of the year), there probably won't be any snow on the road. But there are still some things that you must have : winter tires, extra gallons of windshield washer liquid for very cool temperatures, ice scraper, winter wipers, small shovel, hat, scarf and gloves and other warm clothing, blanket, flares, traction aid kit, jumper cables, stuff to fix a flat or/and change a tire (jack) and other usual emergency kit stuff, tire gauge, spare tire (duh!), water (for you and the car), charged cell phone or cb and hopefully an AAA membership.

    If you happen to be driving on ice, try not to use the brakes too much, if you drive a manual car, try to downshift instead. Go at your own pace even if other drivers are being pushy.

    Good Luck!


    Ps- There is a post called "Suggestions for in the car" in this forum, you might want to read it for other ideas.

    [Editor's note: Also read <a href = "">Robert Schaller's tips for Winter Driving<a/>]

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