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    Default FL to NY best route!

    Dear All, I am looking for any ideas on the best route from Los Angeles to NewYork and how long it can roughly be traveled in? I am looking to have a road trip sometime soon and am currently researching ideas of where to go and what to see. If anyone has any views I would love to hear them! Thanks Mark Whittaker

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    This is a popular topic on the forum -- if you'll use the search function and type in "NY to LA" or vice-versa, you'll come up with DOZENS of posts on this topic. Give it a shot! Bob

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    i would say the best route to take from LA to NY is the i80.... next summer im going on a rod trip the other way around from ny to LA going to go there on the i40 and back on the i80 and stop by mall of america in minniopolis while im going to be in minnisota. anyway happy travel !!! :)

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